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2015 Power Tour Introduction

Posted on Jan 3, 2016

2013_HRPT_6_7_Full_044-951x634 The Mothers Polish brand is a well-oiled (and finely polished) machine. These guys started with a little tin of polish that grew into a comprehensive line of more than 40 different car care products. Everything they do extends beyond creating the world’s finest car care products and onto promoting the car hobby as a whole.   2014_Tour_PRE__002-951x713 Take this wild trip of a Power Tour, for instance. Mothers has been a proud supporter for each and every one, going back two decades (long hauling to the extreme). And this 21st edition is no different. The crew takes their Power Touring seriously. Not only do they bring an 18-wheeled big rig on Tour, they completely detail it before getting on the road. Let me repeat that. The Mothers crew completely details an 18-wheeled big rig. Now that’s dedication.   2014_Tour_Day1__109-951x634 It makes no sense then, why a team that operates to such a high level of professionalism would keep calling me back. I represent none of those qualities, with the exception of a complete lack of sense. Maybe it’s because I work so cheaply, although I prefer to call it, adequate work done affordably. I’m nads and this will be my fifth year serving as your humble guide to the good, the bad and the ugly that make up the Hot Rod Power Tour (the ugly being my daily I-woke-up-like-this selfies!).   2014_Tour_Day1__012-951x634 People toss around the word “epic” far too casually these days. That is, unless you’re referring to my PB&J sandwich-making skills (the trimmed crusts are truly epic). However, epic is the only way to describe the Power Tour. Think of thousands of the hairiest hot rods on a 1,500-plus mile road trip over six days with a cruise night party and car show at each stop with some drag racing and autocross thrown in for good measure and you’ll get a good idea of what the Power Tour is all about. If you want a better idea, check out this year’s dates and locations:   2014_Tour_Day2__031-951x634 In addition to our big rig we’ll be Power Touring with our own cars and those of our friends. Our big rig display at each stop will include tips, tricks and demos from our crew of car care experts and some of finest Mothers products.   2014_Tour_Day5__038-951x634 Our own Jim Holloway will no doubt hook us up with some behind-the-scenes VIP-access-only special stops as usual. That’s Jim with our friend, Troy Trepanier. And the “car?” That’s just the Mariani Streamliner, a 32-foot long LSR bullet set to go 400mph at Bonneville. Yeah, Jim has some interesting friends.   2014_Tour_Day4__133-951x634 This year, the one, the only, the incomparable Forrest Tosie will handle the navigation of our support vehicle as well as providing his daily weather updates (we don’t have the heart to tell him that our phones do that now).   2014_Tour_Day2__009-951x634 Our own Shane Christman will also return to pilot our support rig. He is the one not wearing the studded collar (for once).   2014_Tour_Day3__098-951x634 Of course I’ll be torture testing the long-term comfort of the passenger seat of our support vehicle and doing my ya-missed-a-spot gag to the big rig crew until they turn the hoses on me. This usually happens by Day Three, but I’ll be pushing to get it done in two this year!   2014_Tour_Day5__139-951x634 This year, If Amy from accounting finally releases the hold on my corporate card my plan is to expense the purchase of Ringbrothers’ wicked 900hp Winnebago as our official support vehicle. Yes, Amy, this is a necessary expense.   2014_Tour_Day2__027-951x634 You need to come out and join us on Tour this year. And if you see us along the way, be sure to wave (Shane could use the boost, since we took away his studded collar). Can’t wait to see everyone out on the open road this year. Look out, 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour, here we come!