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2015 Tour Epilogue

Posted on Dec 16, 2015

2015_Tour_Day_6_013 Welcome to the other side. It appears we’ve survived another drive. The Hot Rod Power Tour has been rolling down one highway or another for 21 years now and our Mothers Polish crew has long hauled each and every one of them.   Day 4 Overview Over the years the Tour has grown into quite the beast. Thousands of cars drive the route with tens of thousands of people flocking to each stopover party. If you don’t believe me (understandable as I’m not trustworthy in the least), then take a look at this overhead shot from our Day 4 stopover party at Alabama’s Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, courtesy of the local police helicopter. Just don’t ask how we got it, as our own Jim Holloway has friends in high places.   2015_Tour_Day_4_025 As the Tour has progressed, our participation increased accordingly. What started out as our own Ken Holland and Forrest Tosie chasing the Tour in a begged, borrowed or stolen car (hey, I’m not one to judge), has expanded into an all out effort with a Big Rig packed full of merchandise and a highly skilled crew of car care professionals.   2015_Tour_Day_4_026 Mothers Polish on Tour is about so much more than promoting our own product. We hold the basics of proper car care dear, no matter which brand you favor. To that end we offer daily tech seminars on Tour in order to show you how to care for your own car the right way.   2015_Tour_Day_2_025 For Mothers, the Tour isn’t only about product seminars. It’s about experiencing the open road with thousands of like-minded enthusiasts.   2015_Tour_Day_0_010 This year, we added a twist to our 1,500-mile dash, with Mom Tour 2015. Own own Barbara Holloway and Judy Trepanier set out on the road with us.   2015_Tour_Day_3_008 We couldn’t think of a more fitting ride for our Moms on Tour than our recently completed ’59 Sedan Delivery. Judy was the perfect choice to co-pilot because she’s Troy Trepanier’s mom and he and his Rad Rides by Troy crew were the ones responsible for our ‘59’s transformation.   2015_Tour_Day_2_004 As immaculate as Troy’s work is, that didn’t stop us from taking the ’59 all the way on the road from Madison to Baton Rouge – no matter the rain that fell on our shine.   IMG_1614 On Tour, you battle the road itself, as well as the element. This is what’s left of the oil pan on our friend James Schiefer’s 435hp ’67 Nova SS. Nothing a little JB Weld can’t fix. Not the first time I’ve uttered those words and it certainly won’t be the last.   2015_Tour_Day_5_051 Unfortunately Larry Kelley is going to need to a bit more than JB Weld to straighten up his pristine ’59 El Camino. This is the aftermath of a deer getting up close and personal with Larry’s Elky. Fortunately, Larry owns Kelley’s Auto Body in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and his ’59 will live to Tour another day, too bad we can’t say the same about that deer.   2015_Tour_Day_2_014 One of the best parts of producing these posts with Mothers on Tour (aside from the daily naps and unlimited snacks) is the complete absence of any corporate edicts or content guidelines of any sort. This sort of unscripted dialogue is refreshing in this day where most companies favor a “rise and grind” hashtag approach in place of actual rising and grinding. The late Al Holloway started Mothers Polish in the early seventies with a little tin of polish with his wife Barbara (shown here with her son, Jim) and the company’s been family owned ever since. They don’t boast about how well they do, they just keep doing well.   2015_Tour_Day_5_031 Today, Mothers Polish is comprised of a comprehensive line of 40 different car care products, which are responsible for the shine on some of the world’s finest cars. Cars like Charlie Lillard’s Mark Stielow-built Camaro complete with a ZR1 drivetrain. While Charlie’s ruby red ride is a rolling testimonial to the power of Mothers Polish on Tour, there is more to this event than such a shiny ride.   2015_Tour_Day_5_022 Take this Baja ‘Bird, for instance. These guys long hauled the Tour in this beast and we’re proud to showcase such an eccentric ride even if it doesn’t have that Mothers shine.