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Polished Aluminum Wheel Cleaner Gallon
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  • Product No: 06002

Polished Aluminum Wheel Cleaner Gallon

  • Net Content: 1 gallon / 128 oz.

Product Description

Mothers® Aluminum Wheel Cleaner is formulated to safely and easily clean uncoated polished aluminum and anodized wheels. Gentle, yet effective, Aluminum Wheel Cleaner doesn’t just stop at aluminum. It also works great on painted, clearcoated, color coated, chrome, custom, or factory coated wheels and hubcaps. Its spray on, hose off design safely penetrates, dissolves and suspends brake dust, grease, dirt and grime—making rinsing a snap.

Trusted by industry experts, Mothers® Aluminum Wheel Cleaner will leave your vehicle looking as good as the day you drove it off the lot. Unlike other standard cleaners out there, ours is expertly designed with a non-acidic, foaming formula to maintain the pristine condition of the aluminum.

Why is it necessary to keep the aluminum on your vehicle clean? The wheels and aluminum components endure intense weather conditions on a daily basis. As dust, dirt, debris and other contaminants accumulate, oxidization can occur quite rapidly. Without proper, regular maintenance, the aluminum can get damaged and it is often difficult to restore. If you want to keep your wheels in great shape with a shiny, show-room like appearance, you need a quality cleaner that can handle the dirt and grime without causing any underlying damage to the aluminum during the process.

Our Aluminum Wheel Cleaner is trusted by industry experts and will buff up your wheels within only a few minutes. If the dirt is really caked on, just spray a little extra and use some elbow grease to it scrub away. In addition to cleaning, it will also help to minimize the risk of corrosion and rust from forming, keeping your wheels looking like new during the entire lifespan of your vehicle.

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