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Power Tour

2014 Power Tour - Day 0 Kickoff Party

2014_Tour_Day00__001 Welcome to the 2014 edition of the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour. This is the 20th anniversary of the Power Tour and it’s been going on for twenty years long and twenty years strong. 2014_Tour_Day00__002 This year we started things off from Charlotte’s zMAX Dragway, right where we left off last year. Traffic going into the track was stacked. 2014_Tour_Day00__003 Fortunately this young man and his son were kind enough to let us sneak into the line. You can’t see it, but he’s actually showing us his Mothers Polish shirt. Thanks for the love and the cutsies! 2014_Tour_Day00__008 Once inside we say our own Big Rig crew had everything set up. 2014_Tour_Day00__009 Um, we don’t care what you’re selling, Bernice Ussery, we’ll take ten. Actually, Bernice is flossing our latest and greatest Power Tour shirt. 2014_Tour_Day00__010 We were fortunate enough to get this Nova from our friends at Detroit Speed to display at our Big Rig. Sick set up with an LS swap! 2014_Tour_Day00__012 Rich and Paige Udell’s little dog, Hoochie Momma was on hand to guard the Big Rig. 2014_Tour_Day00__013 This bright yellow Chevelle SS belongs to our good friend, Steen Gilbertson with a 572 cubic inch swap that produces 675hp to the wheels. He may or may not have received a moving violation last year depending on if Mrs. Gilberston is reading this right now. If she is reading this, we blame Ken Holland for the misinformation. 2014_Tour_Day00__014Brian Thomson also displayed his CTS-V wagon grocery getter. 2014_Tour_Day00__017 We loved this Trans Am looking Camaro. Mean with the right sort of attitude. 2014_Tour_Day00__018 If these Camaro owners plan on going on the Long Haul with these seats, then they get our undying appreciation. 2014_Tour_Day00__019 This 1972 Bronco with three on the tree is for sale at $22,500. We’ll take it. 2014_Tour_Day00__020HPP new era Superbird. 2014_Tour_Day00__021 Okay, if the parts fall off, we’ll be sure to honk. 2014_Tour_Day00__024 Meanwhile at the registration line, an arm crossing battle broke out. 2014_Tour_Day00__025 Tour t-shirts are a bargain at any price… or at $21. 2014_Tour_Day00__026 Suddenly, we have a hankering for BBQ. 2014_Tour_Day00__027 So what kind of car do you guys drive? No, really. 2014_Tour_Day00__028 As always, the Chevy Motor Medics were on the case. 2014_Tour_Day00__029 This 1988 Monte Carlo SS has flared front and rear fenders, removable T-top package, custom mixed blue/gray paint base with a clear coat, wickerbill added to the factory decklid spoiler, Baer front and rear brakes inside of 19-inch Formula 43 RAD CCD modular three-piece wheels. Chevy LS376/525 Connect & Cruise Crate Powertrain swap with a T56 Super Magnum six-speed transmission. 2014_Tour_Day00__030 This is an actual Hot Rod Limited Edition Camaro with the Option III 575hp package from Todd Wenzel Chevrolet in Hudsonville, MI. It comes with Hot Rod badges, emblems, door sills, floor mats, head rests and more. Even better than the signage is the custom performance tune, Fast LSC intake manifold, Kooks stainless steel headers, cold air intake, Hod Rod edition Forgeline wheels, cross-drilled and slotted rotors, Ride Tech coil over suspension. 2014_Tour_Day00__035 We think these guys had the best idea for tailgating on this day. 2014_Tour_Day00__036 Oh, Borla, you are so nasty in the best way possible! 2014_Tour_Day00__037 We spotted this graphic on the side of the AutoZone trailer. BTW, they offer free delivery! 2014_Tour_Day00__039Ringbrothers built this 1970 Camaro, aka, The Grinch, with a Wagner LS3 and Bowler Tremec 5-speed. 2014_Tour_Day00__048 The infamous Hot Rod Crusher Camaro was in the Holley booth. 2014_Tour_Day00__047Vic Edelbrock says, “thumbs up, amigos!” 2014_Tour_Day00__041Centerlines and ET Streets, a classic combination. 2014_Tour_Day00__044 Camaro SS in the Pep Boys Speed Shops booth. 2014_Tour_Day00__049 Hold on while you take a selfie of me. 2014_Tour_Day00__050 Rich Udell and our own Jim Holloway ready to go on a ZR1-on-ZR1 battle on the zMAX Dragway, with a cameo from Steen Gilbertson in his Chevelle. 2014_Tour_Day00__051 ZR1 on ZR1 drag battle. 2014_Tour_Day00__054 The Lingenfelter Vista Cruiser. 2014_Tour_Day00__056Hotchkis sponsored our own Mothers Polish autocross at each stop. Hotchkis products can help improve the way your car handles the corners. 2014_Tour_Day00__057 John Hotchkis and our own Jim Hollloway. 2014_Tour_Day00__059 Our own Jim Holloway went WOT on the autocross in MOM’s ZR1. 2014_Tour_Day00__064 Best tag ever. Why can’t we use these characters on our California plates? 2014_Tour_Day00__066 This guy gets points for a solid tailgate party including car care and chair set-up. 2014_Tour_Day00__067 While this guy wins for the best detail bag. Period. 2014_Tour_Day00__068 This couple is shown here with “Plan B.” Plan A was apparently, a 1966 Ford F-100, until the transmission gave up the ghost. 2014_Tour_Day00__069 This ’59 Cadillac was fitted with an LSA from CTS-V. 2014_Tour_Day00__079 How many people does it take to polish a stretch limo? 2014_Tour_Day00__080 This is what the kids refer to as laid out. 2014_Tour_Day00__083 This was one of the cleanest Chevy II wagons we’ve ever seen complete with a trailer and and an LS swap. 2014_Tour_Day00__086 Yes, because Wisconsin is the first state that comes to mind when we think of hook ‘em horns on a Avalanche. 2014_Tour_Day00__087 Because nothing says “tacky” more than an AMC Matador wagon with matching luggage. 2014_Tour_Day00__088 We have a feeling that our own Forrest Tosie and his nephew would know something about this Volvo 242. 2014_Tour_Day00__091 Monster Hot Rods – ’46 Ford with a 454 and 700R4 trans, Air Ride suspension, A/C, power windows AND power steering. It’s for sale and we want it. 2014_Tour_Day00__094 Plum Crazy across the generations. 2014_Tour_Day00__095 Jerry Garcia spotting. 2014_Tour_Day00__099 This 1954 Chevy truck belongs to Butch & Bradley Zadlo from Boone, NC. It’s stuffed with a 5.3 LS engine and 4L 60 automatic trans. The patina paint is set off by the chrome Vintiques wheels and the interior is a custom gator job. The truck, with its fishing theme is dedicated to their mom and dad. Butch says, “He always had time to me fishing and mom always understood.” Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go teach my son how to fish, but first, I need to learn how to fish. 2014_Tour_Day00__100 Finnegan and Freiburger rolled in with Blasphemi. 2014_Tour_Day00__111 Tom Brown’s MG A is fitted with an 80 ci HD S&S motor. 2014_Tour_Day00__112 Gary Howell’s Cherokee has got a 4.6 liter stroker inside and a whole lot of ‘murica, eff yeah on the outside. 2014_Tour_Day00__113 V8 Vega wagon with a one-piece front end up front and big meats out back. 2014_Tour_Day00__116 Andy and Sheila Fisher from Liberty, SC own this 1971 Chevy C-10 truck with a 6.0 LSX swap and GM-4L80E trans and 4.10 gears out back and Boss 338 20-inch wheels. 2014_Tour_Day00__126 We’re not sure why we took this pic, but we’ll leave you with this view. We’re about to leave for Day One. Stay tuned for more coverage from the 2014 Hot Rod Power Tour!