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Mothers® Polish has been going strong ever since we introduced our first product,

Mothers® Mag & Aluminum Polish. We have as much fun looking back as we do looking forward. As you would expect, there's been a lot of big changes over the years. Scroll down to see a few of our more significant milestones.


Mom - The Face of Mothers®

Mom - The Face of Mothers® - spent most of her early years hunched over, polishing everything from mag wheels to painted finishes and poly boat surfaces. Over the years, we’ve given our dear old mom a break, and today, she sits proudly in the circular graphic that fills the “O” in the Mothers® logo. You can see her on all Mothers® new packaging and throughout our website.


Born from a 4 oz. can

It all began with a 4 oz. can of Mag & Aluminum Polish. Then new alloy wheels were all the rage back in the seventies and Mothers® came to the rescue to transform dull aluminum finishes into bright chrome-like jewels. From this single can, the Mothers® brand evolved and grew into the more than 100 unique products you enjoy today.


Birth of a Brand - Mothers® Mag & Aluminum Polish

Mothers® Mag & Aluminum Polish was such a hit that it wasn’t long before customers were asking us to create the same brilliant shine for their paint as we had done for their wheels. After some extensive testing, Mothers® California Gold® Cleaner & Wax formula was born. Just the right balance of ingredients to bring back a shine on faded paint to better than factory original.


High-quality car care cosmetic products

In the early days, word-of-mouth was our only source of promotion. Even then, we had a hard time keeping up with the demand. As Mothers® grew, we began to advertise to get the word out that the Mothers® Mag & Aluminum Polish our customers had come to know and love, was just one beloved offering of an expanding line of high-quality car care cosmetic products.


A humble beginning

From our humble beginnings sprang a single van. Decked-out with Mothers® banners, posters and product, our weekends were spent at Southern California’s swap meets and car shows. These days we travel a bit further afield - coast to coast in fact - in a matching set of 53’ custom-painted big rigs.

We now sell OVER 100 UNIQUE
<strong class='history-quote'>MOTHERS® PRODUCTS</strong>


It all started with a single product

Event marketing was once a small-scale affair for Mothers® – after all, we started with a single product, so a 6’ x 8’ space was all we needed. It took all of 15 minutes to set up a banner, set out a couple of posters, arrange some product and we were good to go. Today we eat up approximately 4,500 sq. ft. of display space at the annual SEMA industry show. And where we once sold only Mag & Aluminum Polish, we now offer a complete line of over 100 unique Mothers® products.