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About Carnauba

Carnauba wax has long been revered as the best all-around product for maintaining a vehicle’s finish. This reputation comes from Carnauba's high heat tolerance, ability to bring a painted finish to a rich, deep luster, and its hardness, which creates a long-lasting finish. Carnauba has become a staple within many industries for the same reasons it was adopted by the automotive industry.

Not all carnauba is created equal

Carnauba is available in various grades of purity and clarity: #1 yellow is the finest grade available, followed by #2 yellow, #3 yellow, and various other commercial grades. Mothers® products contain #1 yellow exclusively.

The hardest wax known to man

Carnauba has a very strong grain structure, making it the hardest wax available. In addition to being incredibly durable, carnauba dries to a deep, natural shine. In contrast, bee’s wax, paraffin and many synthetic waxes tend to cloud and occlude, preventing painted finishes from looking their best.

From leaves to
Carnauba wax

The Copernicia Cerifera tree

The Copernicia Cerifera tree grows in parts of South America, however only the trees in the Northeastern rainforests of Brazil produce the premium quality wax used by Mothers®. Carnauba wax is produced by the leaves of the tropical carnauba tree as protection from the harsh conditions of the tropical rain forest - intense heat, strong equatorial sunlight, consistent moisture and humidity. Much like these tropical leaves, surfaces coated with carnauba wax enjoy the same durable protection.

An ideal choice for varnishes

Over the years carnauba wax has been used in the manufacture of a number of industrial and household products. Its combination of hardness and lubricating properties made it an ideal choice for high-luster varnishes, paints, carbon paper, batteries, sound films, insulation, and at one time, phonograph records.

A widely used product

Carnauba wax is widely used in personal care and cosmetic products such as lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras, soaps, ointments and candles.

Medical uses

The medical field has found many uses for carnauba wax. For example, carnauba wax is used as a coating agent to make pills easier to ingest. It is also used as a coating for dental floss.

Carnauba wax and the food industry

The food industry has found many uses for the naturally produced, edible carnauba wax. Carnauba is used as a moisture barrier and a protective coating for produce. It is also used as a formulation aid, lubricant, release agent, and surface finishing agent in baked foods, chewing gum, confectionaries, soft candy, sauces, processed fruits and more.