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Over the years, Mothers® Sponsorship Program - what we like to call our extended family - comprises some of the foremost custom car builders, brands, clubs and motorsports teams, along with influencers and car care enthusiasts alike. Visit the links below to learn how you can apply to join our exclusive group of ambassadors.

Sponsorship Categories

2024 Product
Sponsorship Introduction

Over the years, Mothers® has developed a very loyal customer base — what we like to call our extended family — which has allowed us to remain an industry leader despite an ever changing, strongly competitive market. We’ve learned that our customers are committed to their cars, and will only settle for the very best in car care products.

We also recognize that many of our loyal customers have put countless hours into showing and displaying in order to gain visibility and recognition, not just for their own cars, but to share the Mothers® heritage with others in the hobby. 

This formalized sponsorship program ensures product contracts, accompanying exposure and publicity actions are being carried out as agreed upon in the best interests of both the brand and our sponsored ambassadors. 

Each sponsorship is good for one calendar year, and all sponsored ambassadors must reapply on an annual basis, allowing us to reevaluate each sponsorship in order to continue to support those who achieve notoriety, publicity and influence. Make sure your proposal includes information regarding various aspects of publicity such as: show and event participation, print and online appearances, awards and recognition and other media exposure.

Sponsorships are broken down into specific categories pertaining to the field you best represent.