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Power Tour

2014 Power Tour Introduction

2013_HRPT_6_3_Full_017   Each and every Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour is special in its own way, but the 2014 edition also marks the 20 th anniversary of the world’s most renown rolling road show. Our Mothers Polish crew boasts a perfect attendance record and we plan to keep the streak alive this year.
2013_HRPT_6_1_Full_002.JPG Twenty years ago, we never imagined that our participation would expand from our own Forrest Tosie and Ken Holland sharing a rental car (and other unmentionables as well) to a fully stocked Big Rig and crew.
2013_HRPT_6_4_Full_111 Of course, the Power Tour wouldn’t be complete without Forrest on the mic each day. We don’t know what we’d do without our daily dose of trivia and weather prognostications from the man himself. We can’t wait to hear about the dew point, heat index and chief export of Bettondorf, Iowa.   Alas, Ken, the peanut butter to Forrest’s jelly, the peas to his carrots and especially the yin to his yang will not be going on Tour this year. He muttered something about a stain on his favorite pair of mom jorts before wandering out of the building, never to be seen again. If you’ve seen our Ken, please let us know, as Forrest is devastated at the prospect of Touring sans Holland.
3-11-14-017 Sadly another no-show this year is our beloved ’59 Sedan Delivery. Troy Trepanier and his team at Rad Rides by Troy are performing a complete makeover on the car in a way that only they can. While the car won’t be finished in time for the Tour, we might be able to secure a very special tour of the Rad Rides shop where our fellow Touristas can get glimpse inside this fantasy factory.
2013_HRPT_6_2_Full_036 Enough about the no-shows, let’s touch on the headliners. Our ZR1 4 MOM will be back in action.
2013_HRPT_6_1_Full_004 We’ll also be bringing our special edition shirts. Jonathan’s face should tell you just how special these shirts are.
2013_HRPT_6_1_Full_133   Our Big Rig crew will be on hand hosting product demos and answering questions in addition to the daily giveaways of Mothers finest.
2013_HRPT_6_3_Full_008   Our team will be taking pictures of everything for our daily blog posts and galleries no matter if the weather is sunny…
2013_HRPT_6_7_Full_008 Or not.
2013_HRPT_6_3_Full_091 We can’t promise that what happens on Power Tour, stays on Power Tour, because some things are just too good not to share.
2013_HRPT_6_4_Full_063 Make sure to hang with our Mothers crew on Tour as we have some friends in high places. Last year our own Jim Holloway arranged for a visit to George Poteet’s private collection.
2013_HRPT_6_6_Full_007 Another bucket list item during last year’s Tour was the stop at the
Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. That one really kicked our eyes in the balls.

2013_HRPT_6_7_Full_040 Line up, because this year will be one for the books, or blogs as the case may be.
2013_HRPT_6_2_Full_005-1024x682 Alright, who’s coming with us? If you can’t make it because a twister picked up your car and deposited in the next county (really, the one and only acceptable excuse), don’t fret (we’re not fond of fretters) as you can check this space daily for updates. Now, let’s bring on the big 2-0. Click here to view the full gallery!