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Power Tour

2016 Power Tour – Day 02

2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_001 It’s Monday, so this must be Day Two of the Hot Rod magazine Power Tour.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_002 Today the Power Tour woke up to much better weather and I woke up to find Shane’s shorts had finally dried out. At this point they can almost stand by themselves. I’m hoping to teach them how to roll over before the Tour is done.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_004 A little revision and a microfiber helps Shane focus on the drive ahead and while he does that, I can work on my beauty rest.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_005 Today we had a celebrity in our midst (well, aside from Shane). Rutledge Wood from Top Gear, and almost every other automotive show on TV, is joining the Power Tour once again.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_006 Check out Rut’s rides. From what we understand, these two were in one of the Fast and Furious installments. Rut bought the one on the right, sold it to his buddy and immediately regretted the decision. His Top Gear co-host, Tanner Foust, who was also a stunt driver in the film, bought the one on the left. Since Rut was in mourning, Tanner sold him his Camaro. So now, Rut and his friend can be twinsies. Kinda like the way Shane and I are with his shorts, but on a much cooler, and less gag-inducing manner.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_007 And here’s Rut’s latest ride. A TRD Pro Tundra with some Rocket Bunny-style over fenders.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_019 Today’s drive took us 175.8 miles to the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas. Shane and I took leave from our usual crew in search of broader horizons and an audience that won’t be so quick to judge our rental ‘burban.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_022 Along the way we saw a sign from above, or many signs at Gasoline Hill & Antiques in Round Top, Texas.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_028 Once inside Gasoline Hill, we could see that the signs were everywhere. Ha, I could do this all day. I guess you could say this is a sign of things to come. Told ya I could do this all day.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_029 Shane wanted to buy these antique car care products as some sort of market research throwback, but I urged him not to make any frivolous purchases.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_031 That’s because we needed everything we had to pick up this choice vintage Texaco sign. Now before Amy in Accounting balks at the $25,000 invoice, I should remind you that this cost includes both the truck AND trailer. Before you say anything, Amy in Accounting, I only have one question. Is this considered a miscellaneous item or travel expense (since we did buy it while traveling)?   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_032 On the way out of Gasoline Hill we noticed this bro doing it all for the ‘gram.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_033 While my ‘gram stance looks more like this. But I guess you’re only as old as you feel and if that’s the case, I must be 113.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_040 We finally made it to COTA, America’s home for Formula 1…   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_043 As well as the Day Two stop of the 2016 Hot Rod Power Tour.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_048 There goes the neighborhood. God, I hope Bernie Ecclestone’s people don’t see this.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_050 Air Force One even made some fly bys to welcome us to the track (Thanks, Obama!). It was either that or Air Boice One, the PJ belonging to Matt Boice of The Enthusiast Network, benevolent overlord of all things Hot Rod. I can only assume Matt flew out to COTA to network enthusiastically with the Power Tourists. Power Tour to the people, Matt. Power Tour to the people.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_051 COTA is an impressive facility with immaculate grounds and a world-class Hermann Tilke FIA-certified course.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_041 One of the marquee features is the Observation Tower, which, according to our own Wiki Shane, stands at 251 feet high with 419 stairs. Don’t worry, there’s also an elevator, in case you’re, well, me.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_061 You’re looking at the heart and soul of our Power Tour presence. This team works tirelessly throughout the entire Tour teaching people how to properly care for their cars and selling limited edition Mothers on Tour T-shirts and car care products. Our Mothers on Tour efforts would be sorely lacking without these guys. Special thanks to Jeff Burton, Adrian Ussery, Peter DiCandia, Jonathan Stone, Jim Holloway, Trucker John Schafer, Gary Henrickson and Nicholas Morelle.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_062 We also want to thank Brett King Design for designing the new look for our Big Rigs as well as Kelly and Sons Crazy Painters for laying down the finest PPG paint.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_067 This is Eli Reed and Hunter Gilbertson. These two young guns always come out to join the Tour and lend a hand to the Big Rig crew. This year, they’re also giving me an in-depth tutorial on all things Snap Chat. I think it’s going swimmingly. My only question is whether or not I need to physically snap my fingers in order to chat. Is it anything like a Clapper?   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_070 This guy looks much better than I do when I skate in my Mothers shirt. But then, my skateboard is a Razor scooter.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_086 Well, "Trak It," you're in the right place.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_092 These guys weren't afraid to let it all hang out. They were even kind enough to let me lay out Shane's shorts.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_094 This dude is long hauling all the way from Florida. He bought the Camaro eight months ago and he's been building it up for Tour. Unfortunately his wife saw the build cost right before he left, meaning that he just may have to long haul all the way to Nova Scotia.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_111 With right hand drive and a personalized New South Wales, Australia plate that reads, "34 Ozi" I'd be willing to guess that this dude is from Australia. Yup, that's just a small taste of my immense powers of deductive reasoning.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_121 I've never considered myself much of a Fiero guy (who is, really?), but I found myself creeping on this black beauty.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_123 You're looking at six generations of Camaros along with a smattering of Chevy's other hot rods.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_053 Forrest said he would let me ride with him in our 59 Sedan Delivery tomorrow as long as I promise not to annoy him too much. C'mon, Forrest, we all know I can't make that promise. 2016_Power_Tour_Day_2_096 That’s it for our Day Two coverage. Tomorrow is Day Three where we’ll go 228.9 miles to Traders Village in Grand Prarie, Texas. If Forrest doesn't leave me behind at a rest stop I'll be back with more coverage. In the meantime, please feel free to check out our Gallery of Day 02 pics here.