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Power Tour

2016 Power Tour – Day 03

2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_017 I have a confession to make. While this is my seventh year on the Power Tour, I’ve never actually experienced it in the manner it’s meant to be experienced. I’ve always documented the Tour from the somewhat removed, relatively comfortable confines of a luxury SUV (and because I also like to chill AND heat my nether regions on the go). I see the Tour as my own personal safari with Shane narrating all the action in his best Marlin Perkins voice. And there I am tapping on the glass of the aquarium without the rush of dipping my toes in the water. This would all change today.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_001 You see, Shane, being the selfish bastard that he is, took our Safari Jeep (read: our rental 'burban) on a detour for the day to what he claimed was an important engagement (curse you, family obligations!). This left me without a ride and Forrest was the only one stupid enough (read: lucky!) to let me ride shotgun for our Day Three run. It would be my first time riding in a hot rod on the Hot Rod Power Tour and what a rod it was. Our Mothers 59 Sedan Delivery was recently refined with a full ground-up resto mod courtesy of the one and only Troy Trepanier and his artisans at Rad Rides by Troy. True to their name, this crew churned out one rad ride, with an Art Morrison chassis, 650hp Lingenfelter LS3 with a Magnuson Eaton TVS supercharger, Bowler transmission, Eaton Posi LSD and one-off Billet Specialties wheels. I couldn't be more excited to get on the road.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_001 Sadly my excitement was short lived (much like my hopes, dreams and aspirations). Fast forward 40 miles and we're parked on the side of the road roasting in the heat of Taylor, Texas. The refreshing chill on my nether regions was but a distant memory. Forrest put it best, recalling this historic proverb, as he often does. "For want of a nail the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe the horse was lost. For want of a horse the rider was lost. For want of a rider the message was lost. For want of a message the battle was lost. For want of a battle the kingdom was lost. And all for the want of a horseshoe nail." Today, our horseshoe nail was a 29 cent part. So how did this come to pass? And more importantly, how soon would it be until I could properly chill my nether regions again? Let's start at the beginning.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_002 Day Three began just like any other day on the Tour - with a quick stop to gas up before getting on the road. It's easy to see which red ride I should claim. That is, unless that Jetta has air conditioned seats.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_004 Riding in the 59 Sedan Delivery was cool. Riding with Forrest, not so much. First of all, he wouldn't stop talking about his near-death experience in the Louisiana Bayou with a predatory 'gator. But more importantly, he wouldn't let me stop for my Carmel Frap this morning. Come back soon, Shane!   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_006 As we worked our way outside of Austin, the 59 was rock solid moving straight and true down the road. During this particular stretch, I suggested that Forrest and I pretend to be the Blues Brothers leading the police (and the Good Ole Boys as well as the Illinois Nazis) on a chase through Chicago. Forrest felt the French Connection would be more appropriate. I told Forrest that one wouldn't work, because Popeye Doyle's partner wasn't with him during the big chase scene. To which Forrest looked over to me and deadpanned, "Exactly." Ouch, Forrest. Not cool.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_005 As we continue on The Tour it's been heartwarming to see the massive outpouring of respect for those affected by the tragedy in Orlando. It gives you a hope for a future where we can continue to stand together.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_009 Spotted these dudes on the side of the road. Forrest mentioned how much he liked that hat. I'll leave you to guess which one.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_010 Then, without warning, 40 miles into our drive at the quiet little town of Taylor, Texas, our 59 Sedan Delivery went quiet, refusing to start again. Thankfully, our friends Steen and Hunter Gilbertson pulled over to help.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_023 Our group, led by Forrest, Steen and Brian Thomson, quickly set to work diagnosing the problem.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_031 The culprit was nothing more than a broken alternator ground wire. Normally, this would be an easy fix, but this fried the alternator, requiring a replacement.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_032 We found a replacement in town, but the intricate pulley set up on the 59 didn't provide enough clearance for the new alternator.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_034 Enter Taylor Auto Electric, Inc.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_036 Johnny Zuehlke (shown) and John Polasek worked with Steen to come up with a creative solution to make our stock alternator fit within the radically modified engine bay of our 59.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_033 Normally I'd write something here questioning the amount of dudes required to work on an alternator, but I'll refrain, since they were working to save our bacon.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_040 Speaking of bacon, seeing how Steen had things under control, I did what I do best, which is to find food while the boys repaired the 59. Trust me, the process was better off without my involvement. I had time to sample some good Mexican and down home BBQ. The locals told us, "the worse the building, the better the BBQ and even better, if there's no sign." The Taylor Cafe delivered just about all fronts with bonus points for two dollar beers!   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_030 I can't pay you with money for fixing our ride, Steen, but I can show my gratitude with this, a picture of your car.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_045 This was a most-welcome sign at the end of a long day, but we made it and with a great story to tell.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_047 It's always nice to get the gang back together at the end of long day in the saddle.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_050 We got there just in time to see stage going off.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_051 There's Jeff Thisted, one of our Power Tour hosts (don't care), someone from Gibson Exhaust wearing a hat Forrest wants to steal (don't care) and, oh hello, Miss Gibson. Yeah, I got a wave from her. No big deal. Nice to see I've still got it.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_052 Until I turned around to see that she was probably waving at Gary Henrickson, one of our Big Rig crew members. No need to rub it in, Gary.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_054 Our friends from The HOONIGANS finally made it to the party. A bit battered and short one car, but still ready to party. And by party, I mean inflict massive burnouts onto whatever bits of open tarmac they can find.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_055 Head HOONIGAN Brian Scotto's Napalm Nova has a total Murder Mike feel to it with an Art Morrison rear end and newly added 555ci Edelbrock crate motor.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_058 This is what happens when you roll with a bunch of filthy HOONIGANS. Super sleeper Fox body LTD tore up its rear end doing burnouts.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_059 If I had to choose a hand, I'd say left. Drinking it will make you feel so much better about what's in your right hand.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_069 Whatever happened to naked lady mudflaps? A very unique piece of flare.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_071 Never ask, "What kind of tires?" again. I know I'll sleep better tonight.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_072 I would question the owner's motives for joining The Tour.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_073 Until I saw the powerplant. Great power to weight!   2016_Power_Tour_Day_3_020 That does it for our Day Three coverage. Today, the struggle was real, but if it wasn't, this wouldn't be Power Tour. Even the most well-sorted, finely-finished machines can succumb to mechanical troubles. It all depends on how you rise to the challenge. There are no trailer queens here at Mothers and we take pride in earning each and every single mile on The Tour. Tomorrow is Day Four where we’ll go 242.1 miles to Remington Park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In the meantime, please feel free to check out our Gallery of Day 03 pics here.