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Power Tour

2016 Power Tour - Day 04

2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_001 It’s Wednesday, so we must be in Grand Prairie, Texas to start Day Four of the Hot Rod Power Tour. The Block wanted to shoot our friend Steen Gilbertson’s Chevelle at the next stop in Oklahoma City. That meant most of our group left early to make it in time for the shoot.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_002 How early? How about way too early for me (let’s be honest, brunch is too early for me). On the plus side, I didn’t have to endure the sight of our friend Eli Reed (aka Mohawk War-e-zee) in his Texas tap shoes.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_003 This left Shane and me to enjoy an intimate little 242.1-mile jaunt to Oklahoma City's Remington Park with thousands of our fellow Power Tourists.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_006 Today's route took us past Texas Motor Speedway. What else could it be but a super speedway. It seems everything's bigger in Texas.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_007 Even the cans of whoopass (along with the PG13 asterisks!).   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_016 Today's route wound through some picturesque two-lane roads leading us from TX to OKC.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_024 These two lane roads take a bit of patience, but they also give a bit of broken yellow lines and passing is a helluva lot better than patience.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_019 "Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain, and the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain." I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. I've been on the road with Forrest for far too long.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_013 To further fuel the Forrest fire in my soul (not to mention Shane's shorts), here's an Edsel wagon. While not as clean as Forrest's fav ride on Tour, it's still just as obscure and awkward.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_020 Where were these things when my kids wanted pets.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_028 Shane had no cash coming into to OKC, so I was forced to open my wallet in order to keep us from being turned away at the toll station. In short, my investment saved our Power Tour coverage. Dear Amy from Accounting, you're welcome, and you owe me $59.67. Let this image serve as my receipt.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_047 The drive was smooth and we arrived at Remington Park with plenty of time to spare. Fun fact, Remington Park is a racetrack AND casino. Dear Amy from Accounting, I'm going to need an advance on my per diem. Like say, three years' worth.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_049 Thanks to Forrest's forecast (and access to any one of a number of smart devices), we knew it was going to be a scorcher today. But something called a "heat index" made it even more challenging for man or machine to retain any fluids today. For this Chevy II it was coolant and for me, it was a struggle to hold down my beer. Although my ability to tip them back remained unaffected.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_029 We went al fresco with our Big Rig presence today (as if it wasn't hot enough).   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_035 We were treated to a very special guest at the Rig today. This is Rick Kirk's 1965 B/FX Mercury Comet Cyclone. It is one of only three factory Weber carburetor'd 289 Cyclones made in '65 for B/FX Competition. The doors, ram hood, fenders and front bumper are all fiberglass. Other factory weight savers are the plexiglass windshield, side and vent windows and heater, defroster, radio and rear seat delete. It still has the original front tires and only 106 miles (all on the track!). The want is strong for this one.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_036 Here's the 289 from Rick's B/FX Comet. So OG.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_033 Thanks to Nicholas Morelle, one of our Big Rig car care specialists, Rick's B/FX Comet was treated to some true Mothers love.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_037 For the record, this is how I spend most of the Tour. On my butt, with a bottle of anything within arm's reach.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_050 Getting down low gives me a better angle for my snaps.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_051 But it also leaves me open to all sorts of photo bombs, like this one from Eli (at least he didn't wear the boots). Some of these are intentional.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_053 While others are just oblivious. Thanks, Charley!   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_054 The only thing hotter than the weather, was the action on the stage. Note to self: Order one of those cool umbrellas and charge it back to Amy from Accounting.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_058 See, I told you things were heating up. I'm not sure why Summer Gibson was hula hooping on stage, but why question a gift from above.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_056 I don't remember much anything after Summer's hula hoopage, but when I came to, it appeared as if Jeff was professing his love to Forrest. I believe the stocked detail bucket was a dowry from Forrest's family.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_065 I'm only teasing Jeff because he got to drive Charlie's Hellfire Camaro today (and I'm bitter and petty like that). On the other hand, I'm only teasing Forrest because it's so fun.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_061 Nice melons, Jim.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_062 This is Matt Boice. He's kind of a big deal around these parts. Let's just say he's the Johnny Lawrence to Hot Rod's Cobra Kai. Sweep the leg, Matty!   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_064 This is Mike and Rachelle, the backbone of the Hot Rod's hospitality effort on the Tour. At the end of the Tour, I suspect they'll either kill each other or get engaged. Either outcome works for me as long as they don't run out of Solo cups.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_066 If you don't have green outdoor carpeting, you need to step up your tailgate game.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_069 Twin turbo GTO at the Gforce Engineering booth looked rather compelling. But what's that in the background?   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_068 It was the Roadhouse! I was truly hoping a Patrick Swayze impersonator would serve me my fried peaches, but no such luck. Pain don't hurt, but the Bratwurst might have you taking a knee.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_074 Caught the crew from The Block getting up close and personal with this gasser. Although he's getting dangerously close to peeping up the skirt.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_077 Seems like a bit of overkill to tote around a couple of minibikes. 2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_079 See, Power Wagon Flatbed, all you need is an F100 to take your minibike on Tour. 2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_083 Dear Shane, I will never complain about the seats on our rental 'burban again.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_085 '32 Fords are so last year. Today's discriminating greaser drives a Batmobile.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_087 This '65 Chevy C/10 was about as good as it gets.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_086 Until I saw this five-window coupe. Absolute perfection. 2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_093 Cake boss.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_096 54-inch Super Swampers on an F-350. It's the automotive equivalent of my long lens.   2016_Power_Tour_Day_4_101 That’s it for our Day Four coverage. Tomorrow we'll embark on Day Five where we’ll go 176.8 miles to Kansas Pavilions in Valley Center, Kansas. Provided I wake up in time, I’ll be back with more coverage.