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Power Tour

2016 Power Tour Introduction

2015_Tour_Day_2_045 This is a 1959 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery. It’s a bit of a rare bird and rightly so, one that should be cherished, respected and revered. To the Mothers family, this one in particular has a greater value than mere collectable speculation. Without this car, Mothers Polish wouldn't be where it is today. Literally. Our own Al Holloway launched Mothers Polish out of the back of this very car (Jobs had his Apple 1, we have this Sedan Delivery). 2015_Tour_Day_2_027 Because this one is so sentimental to us, we thought it fitting that we treat her to a ground up restoration by one of the world’s premier hot rod builders. Our friend Troy Trepanier and his talented team of artists at Rad Rides by Troy spent countless hours meticulously crafting every element of our 59 Sedan Delivery. Once we took, ahem, delivery of our Delivery, you'd think we would tour it around on a trailer, white gloving it from show to show, on a bed of carpet fit for a queen. Sure, we did that. We also drove it over 1,500 miles on the infamous Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour. Why? Because, as fanatical as we are about car care, we also firmly believe that cars should be enjoyed on the open road. It’s why we love the Power Tour so much and why we’ve been on every single edition since the very first one, 22 years ago. 2015_Tour_Day_4_025 This year, we're back and ready to do it all over again. Starting with our Big Rig Fury Road warrior crew, led by our own Jonathan Stone ( sporting a Charlize Theron Fury Road 'do). As always, our big rig display at each stop will come correct with tips, tricks and demos from our crew of car care experts. And you'll want to cop one (or more!) of our limited edition Tour shirts. If that isn't enough, we'll be giving away some of our finest Mothers products to help you and your ride maintain a fresh look even after those hard miles on the Tour. 2015_Tour_Day_2_099 We love rolling with our Jumping Jim Holloway on the Tour for more reasons than his impressive hops. It's that phone in his hands. Specifically the contact list. Jim has some very cool friends and he always manages to hook us up with very special side trips. It's our little Tour within the Tour (so very meta) and we can't wait to see what he has in store for us this year. 2015_Tour_Day_2_013 Speaking of special friends, our own Forrest Tosie - man, myth and so very legendary - is returning for the 22nd time (yes, our man has been on each and every single Tour, since its inception). Forrest will provide his daily weather reports and general on-stage shenanigans. He also likes to take us on his own little side stops as well. This year, we believe Forrest is taking us to the Tomb of the Unknown Bolger - a museum dedicated to Ray Bolger's lesser known brother, Cecil. Why do we feel like Forrest is the only one who gets our punny joke? 2015_Tour_Day_3_020 Speaking of jokers, our man main, the Muddy Buddy himself, Shane Christman will be back, rocking his New Era caps, freshly pressed shirts and positively enchanting smile. Shane is the man who drives our Tour coverage. By that, we mean that he literally drives each and every single mile of the Tour in order to bring you the best coverage from our time on the road. Shane has, perhaps, the hardest job on the Tour. 2015_Tour_Day_4_024 Here's why Shane's job is so challenging. This is where I come in. I'm John "nads" Naderi, the man with the worst nickname ever and steadfast aversion to hard work of any kind. This isn't me, but it might as well be. I believe my job is to outfit our ride with a couple Pillow Pets and a snuggly back seat, which stands in stark contrast to Shane's duties, which involves among other things, waking me up at the most inopportune time to tell me I've missed a shot. In between naps I'll be snapping pics of everything cool on Tour (most especially selfies of me with my Pillow Pets!). 2015_Tour_Day_6_013 We can't wait to get back on the road with all of our friends. We're excited to see exactly what sort of route Hot Rod Magazine has planned for us this year. For more on the 2016 Tour click here. 13174158_1021750464545656_73339312530866436_n This year, in addition to our 59 Sedan Delivery, Mothers Big Rig and Shane's Pillow Petted pic rig, we're bringing a very special Mustang on Tour. 2015_Tour_Day_0_004 We're looking forward to seeing you on the road, but if you can't make it, we won't take it personally (well, I might cry a little bit, but just a little!). No worries at all (other than the dust in my eyes) as we've got you covered with daily Tour updates. Stand back, 2016 Hot Rod Power Tour, we're coming in hot! And remember, you can’t wax off without waxing on first. John Naderi for Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners