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Power Tour

2017 Power Tour – Day 03

Legendary mountaineer George Mallory was once famously asked why climb Everest. To which he replied, even more famously, "Because it's there." True dat, George. For hot rodders, the Power Tour is the Everest of road trips. A run what ya brung celebration of real steel drivers spread out over one week and 1300-plus miles. Why subject yourself and your beloved ride to the Power Tour? Because it's there. It's precisely why I'm here (well, yes, because it's there, but mainly because Mothers is paying me to be here). Today we girded our loins (that's just what one does before a long drive) to make the 201.7 milk run from Davenport, Iowa to Champaign, Illinois. At our early am gas stop we found this fish called Wanda the Wonder Wagon. I also found an entire mini market filled with nutritious and delicious snacks that apparently aren't Whole30 compliant. Help me, Forrest, I'm wasting away. And by "wasting away" I mean, wasting a valuable opportunity to eat whatever I want for one week. If things get much worse I may be forced to invoke the articles of the Geneva Convention. See what you're doing, Shane. You're bringing me to the point of invocation. Hey, Amy from Accounting, hope all is well back at the office. Shane asked me to send you this. It's a positively social media profile pic-worthy shot of him putting gas in our Burban (testing a new name for our rental Suburban. You like?). It's a perfectly reasonable business expense. What you're not seeing is what happened shortly after this picture was taken. In a moment of weakness, Shane ran into the mini mart, cleaned out the Hostess aisle and made me pay for it, because, to use his words, "the Whole30 people have eyes everywhere." He then tore up the receipt, because again, his words, "they know everything." So if you could go ahead and cut me a check that'd be great. $300 will do it (Twinkie prices, am I right?). Shane also wanted to let everyone know - especially his mentor, Matt Boice - that his beloved Doyers lid is now Four-Season's-visor fresh, thanks to the dishwasher in his Residence Inn in-suite kitchen. I see you went with the spot-free rinse, Shane. Strong choice. I call this picture, my obligatory on-the-road shot. I take one every day. It's just enough to make Shane feel like I'm actually working on the drive (in between naps, that is). Pointing and shooting the camera at random times also excuses me from any sort of communal obligations of navigation or, god help me, conversation. This is it - today's destination. The State Farm Center, home to the Fighting Illini, which feels like our Burban, home to the Fighting Mothers. I'm sorry, but the sugar fever is bringing out the worst in me. We arrived just as our crew of car care experts were cleaning our Mother trucking Big Rig. It was also the perfect opportunity for Shane to show Nicholas how many steps he's taken today. But then, any time's the perfect time with the confidence that comes from a clean chapeau. Check out Shane behind the wheel of the Mothers Polish Power Tour Content Team Mobile Command Center (aka the Burban). In addition to driving, navigating, programming playlists, Facetiming with his girls (all simultaneously, mind you), my man main Shane is also brainstorming a way to take our coverage to the next level. That's was about the moment that we decided to - pause for dramatic effect/cue suspenseful music - build our own Burban! What could possibly go wrong. At the venue, we were particularly smitten with the sixth-gen Carryalls like Jeremy Lilly’s ’72 with a Procharged LS swap. Or perhaps something even more vintage. This third gen would be perfect, albeit with a just a bit more Mothers Polish. I've always been partial to tri-fives (if not the step and repeat Tommy Bahamas common to their owners). This one comes with a special treat in the back (something I'm thankful my kids no longer have for me). Check out this set up! Oh, Shane, this is exactly what we need at each stop to chill, or um, improve the quality of our content. On second thought, this might be the wagon I need after the week I'm having. Why yes, I would very much like to sleep when I'm dead. While we reconsider our choice of preferred rides for the Tour, there are some out there who strive to keep it real (or lit AF, depending on the demo you identify with). It's a badge of honor to long haul in something like this, which should also come with a complementary tetanus shot. Who's down to do 1,300 miles in these seats? This would definitely put a crimp in my nap game. I can't believe this one is still in play. No roof, no windshield, no problem. Why so drab, Interior? Here's another wrong hauler. Yes, believe it or not, Blake Wilkey took on the first leg of the Power Tour in his Wilkey Works long-travel LS-powered bug. That's almost as extreme as one of his videos. Stumbled upon this Belvedere undergoing a shock repair in the one of the outer lots. But this wasn't the only challenge the owner encountered. This is Gabe Felix and Amanda Strickland. They drove all the way from Yucaipa, California to join the Power Tour. But something happened in Denver that almost ended their Tour. Check that well-done bonnet. Carb fires have a way of ruining a trip and no one would have faulted Gabe and Amanda from giving up (I give up on a near-daily basis - it's easy). Instead of quitting, they're still hanging tough. Even a massive engine fire can't stop these two. Here's another strong-willed Power Tourist. Craig Borden Jr. found this 1980 Mercury Bobcat in a field with a burned piston for only $600. He rebuilt the engine and sourced some wheels, tires, seats and a few other items in order to bring it on the Tour. Did I mention that Craig is only 19 years old? These people thought it would be a good idea to photobomb my shot. We all had a good laugh at this one. Well, they laughed and I smiled politely as I waited for them to get it out of their system. Okay, let's try this again. And don't think I can't see you lurking back there, bomber of photos. This '53 belongs to Jonas Burnett and its Cummins makes 1182hp thanks, in large part to a compound turbo system. It looks Josh and his '53 will race our own Jim Holloway, a quarter mile at a time in our Shelby Terlingua Mustang. This '50 Fleetline Deluxe is owned by Butch and Mary Krouse of Basehor, KS. Butch's dad won the Fleetline in a poker game and Butch grew up to inherit the car. The Fleetline is powered by a 1958 261 ci I-6 Chevrolet truck engine. I really like the look of that Offenhauser valve cover. Buick Grand National GNX. I still find these notchy G-bodies appealing. Speaking of appealing G-bodies, we also spotted this pro street Regal. This Hurst Olds was also impeccably maintained. Why build a Hurst Olds? Read the tag. This kid has more style than I can ever dream of (note the hairstyle and footwear) and he's rather smooth behind the bars of that scooter. No wonder my little mohawk warrior is so cool. His dad drives this. Keep calm and Tour on. Having been raised on a steady diet of The Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider and CHiPs, I feel like this is an invitation. Shane, toss me the keys to the Burban, and hold my beer. This looks like a job for just about anything Mothers makes. Solar-powered longhauler from a student team at Illinois State University. They're using the Power Tour for a shakedown before they compete in a three-day enduro at COTA. Silly Viper owner, the only way you can read the banner is to look at it in a mirror, like a... Oh wow, I just got this. It makes so much more sense now! Okay, that does it for our Day 01 coverage. Tomorrow, we’ll be going 195.3 miles to Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, Illinois. In the meantime, please enjoy our gallery of Day 03 pics here. John Naderi for Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners