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Power Tour

2017 Power Tour – Day 06

This is it - the final countdown. Today’s Day 06 leg marked the final push into Bowling Green, Kentucky. The last leg of Power Tour is always bittersweet. Much like the last day of school before summer break (HAGS KIT!). Not high school, mind you. No one's sad to leave that mess behind. This is more like an elementary school summer break. When your classmates were your ride or die homies and before the eternal sunshine of your spotless mind was crushed under the weight of four-pound textbooks and standardized testing (making you stay within the lines to fill in each bubble completely is how they keep you down). What is Speed? It could be the voracity in which our own Jim Holloway pounded his venti coffee. Immediately after I snapped this pic, Jim crushed the cup (bare-handed, no less) and spiked it on the driveway of the Courtyard by Marriott. It was a gangster move of the highest order. That is, until hotel management firmly asked him to properly dispose of said cup in the blue recycling bin. Let's be honest, there's nothing gangster about that. With the caffeine coursing through his veins (and that old time religion in his heart), Jim set to work wiping down the 59 Sedan Delivery. What is Speed? Perhaps it is a collection of specially formulated car care products designed to provide superior results and to work faster and more efficiently than comparable products. Or maybe, just maybe, it's Forrest, as a delightfully perky Sandy Bullock, barreling down the highway in our 59, subjected to the maniacal demands of Dennis Hopper, played by our own Dennis Holloway. Maybe Speed is our Sedan Delivery not slowing beneath 50mph, or it will blow up and if it goes faster than 65mph, Forrest's phone will blow up with an ALL CAPS text from Jim. Today we were joined by Kevin Tetz and his infamous 1978 Z28 Zed Sled Camaro. It was a real treat... Until it wasn't. A minor mechanical issue plagued the Zed Sled at the start. During Power Tour we have a strict policy regarding breakdowns. "No man left behind. Unless the repairs take longer than we're willing to wait, in which case, yes, some men may be left behind." Because he's just the greatest guy ever, Steen stayed back to help Kevin get the Sled running smoothly again. This meant Steen missed our Day 06 run and all the shenanigans that come with the last day on Tour. While I have no proof, I do believe Mrs. Steen was somehow involved in a conspiracy to keep Steen out of trouble today. I'm appointing a special prosecutor - Mrs. Steen's beloved baby boy, Hunter (in a surprising twist). If Hunter discovers even a whiff of collusion, then, Mrs. Steen, you'll have made my list, along with Shane for abandoning our Muddy Buddy death pact. Speaking of surprising twists, here it is. The town square that's shaped like an octagon. How avant garde. At a rest stop, I grabbed this quick snap. But then the young lad gave me the side eye, which led to the stink eye. Was he angered because he thought I stole his soul? I couldn't take any chances. I hit the deck to avoid the chance of getting struck down in an Amish drive by. While I was down there, I figured this would be as good a time as any to take some more pics. I give you my guide to the perfect picture. For me, it starts with a very expensive DSLR camera. Add one very long lens and commence spraying and praying. Bring it back to my laptop for processing and uploading to a media gallery. For Eli, it starts and ends with his phone and a cat face filter. I would insert a face palm emoji to express my frustration, but I don't know how to do that. Eli, please drop a face palm emoji here, then get out of my face, because we've still got beef. Chicken is Whole30 compliant. Krispy Krunchy fried chicken is technically still chicken. Therefore, Krispy Krunchy chicken is Whole30 compliant. Tastiest. Diet. Ever. Right, Shane? Came across this U-Haul towing a Power Tour truck. That explains the why. Let's hope no one was injured during the "how." After 276 miles to Bowling Green, we arrived to find these Whole30 compliant snacks. What you're not seeing right now is Shane reading this post and shaking his head vehemently at my Whole30 non-compliance. Since Shane was so disappointed in my complete and utter failure at Whole30 compliance, I got him a balloon to cheer him up. What is Speed? According to Shane, the "Shaneburban" is Speed. At least it is when compared to the Suburban piloted by our friends from Schiefer Chopshop. Showing off our Big Rig's Brett King Design look, sprayed by our friends at Kelly and Sons Crazy Painters. So glad to see our new long hauler friends Gabe and Amanda make it all the way to Bowling Green, despite the universe seemingly conspiring against them. If you look up "perseverance" in the dictionary, guess what you'll see? The definition of the word "perseverance." What did you expect here, a picture of Gabe? No, because I won't stoop to those levels. But I'm sure Gabe knows what perseverance means, having battled back from engine fires, wiring fires and more. Roy Pearson from Warrensburg, Missouri long hauled his Kawasaki ZX14 Ninja with exactly half the wheels as everyone else.

The man with the only hat more jaunty than Forrest's is Colonel John Gray USAF, Ret. He's been raising money to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation. One of the Colonel's efforts is an auction to win a dinner date with Forrest. In the ultimate show of support, Guy and Leatha Thurman placed the winning bid, which was $5500, but they "rounded it up" to $7000 because it was for a good cause. Congratulations Guy and Leatha and thank you for the support.

Thankfully Shane and I won the bid to dine with Forrest for our post-Tour meal at the Gaylord Opryland resort and convention center.

We followed this up with a night at the Grand Ole Opry House. There's nothing like tales of heartbreak, pain and suffering to cap off our 2017 Power Tour.

We'll post an epilogue that will wrap up our coverage. In the meantime, please enjoy our Gallery of Day 06 pics here.

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