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Power Tour

2017 Power Tour – Epilogue

If memory serves, Oscar Wilde said, "Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess." Or maybe it was a plucky Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface. Whatever the case, I'm a firm believer that too much of a good thing leads to even better things. Why go to a garden variety nightclub, when you can have a night out that's altogether more excessive. The sort of club that involves membership fees, a phone number to get the location, masquerade masks and an appetite for adventure. You know what I'm talking about. No? Okay then, let's just forget I brought it up. In the case of the Power Tour, some believe that one does not simply show up and long haul. For these excessive types, it isn't enough to trip over 1,336.2 miles (plus 13,000-plus steps each day for Shane) in a mere six days. No, for these hearty souls, the Power Tour demands making the journey in something with a little bit more panache, aplomb and raw verve. Or, in plain English, something like Mater here. That 5400 Series Chevy truck ain't excessive enough of a long hauler for you? Try this ’68 M715 Jeep on for size (Shane did, but it was too big for his newly-acquired 32-inch waist. Showoff. Sheesh!). Karl Schultz went all the way in this one. For that, I salute you, Karl. This reminds me of how Forrest would salute me every morning on Tour. Although, I do question his technique. I may not be well-versed in military protocol (mainly because my cowardice renders me 4-F), but I do believe a proper armed forces salute involves more than one finger. At the other end of the long haul spectrum we find our timeless icon. A beloved, Mothers institution. No, not Ken Holland, as beloved as he may be. I'm talking about our cherished 1959 Sedan Delivery. It's been in the family for more than forty years and recently underwent a complete restoration at the skilled hands of Troy Trepanier and his Rad Rides by Troy crew (we're still searching for a shop willing to take on the job of restoring Ken). It was truly a cost-is-no-object build (remember that sentiment when I submit my expense reports, Amy from Accounting). None of this stopped us from going all the way in our 59. Speaking of which, when's the last time you went all the way, Ken? On Tour, that is. C'mon, people, no filthy innuendo here. We like our blogs clean, like our cars. If this rig isn't excessive, I don't know what is. Our formidable Finnish friends, led by Mikael Forsman, went all the way in this fire-ramp truck conversion towing a trans am-style sixties Cougar. Forrest tells me this set up is Fatty Gnarbuckle. How come I feel like Forrest and I are the only ones who get this reference? These two here were my favorite long haulers from this year's Tour. Gabe Felix and Amanda Strickland drove their '67 Belvedere all the way out from Yucaipa, California. A carb fire in Denver nearly burned the Plymouth to the ground, but that wasn't enough to stop them. Then it was a blown shock in Champaign, Illinois and a wiring issue in Indy. Burned, battered, but not broken, Gabe and Amanda made it to Bowling Green and even forged on to Nashville after the Tour. Total die hards and for their grit and determination, I salute them (with four more digits than Forrest!). Here's Forrest using every finger he has in order to demonstrate how we like to go big on Tour. Rumor has it that Forrest has a chest plate tattoo in Old English script that reads "Go Big or Go Home." Leave it to Shane to one-up Forrest and go even bigger on Tour. Rumor has it that Shane has a tramp stamp that reads, "No Regrts." No, I wasn't eating a Milky Way, it used to read, "No Regrets," but Shane lost so much weight that his Whole30 back can no longer display the entire text. Even our fearless leader, Jim Holloway isn't afraid to do work on Tour. Here we see him giving our "Bad Rabbit" Shelby Terlingua Mustang a much-needed wash on the last stop of the Tour. What you aren't seeing is the part where Jim asked me, "What is Speed?" When I couldn't answer quickly enough and he gave me a playful spritz and everybody laughed. Yes, including myself. No matter what Shane may tell you, I DID NOT cry. I just got a little water in my eye. That's my story and this is me sticking to it. These guys. Yup, these guys here are the ones who make our Mothers Power Tour presence what it is. Special thanks to our Big Rig crew of car care experts for working so hard on what is essentially a grueling agenda of seven separate shows with a daily set-up and breakdown process. I have daily breakdowns too, but they normally involve me weeping silently in my room each night. Our Power Tour posse is pretty cool too. It's particularly fitting that Matt is giving Shane the bunny ears here (better than a rocking rabbit, I suppose), because, from what I can gather, the Whole30 diet doesn't let you eat much more than carrots and greens. "Sounds delish," said no one ever. We love the Power Tour. It's non-stop blast with little time for rest. Unless you're Hunter Gilbertson, that is. Then there's always time to rest. Hunter, are you sleeping during Power Tour!? There's no sleeping on Power Tour! I for one, would never commit such a transgression. Never. And if Shane tells you otherwise, he's lying. I think the lack of sugar in his diet has distorted his sense of right and wrong. Again, my story. And again, me sticking to it. Another Tour is done and dusted. But we're not done. We've got big plans for next year. Activations, swag and possibly some killer new rides. I can't wait until this time next year and I can't thank Mothers enough for letting me tag along on the Tour. Want to experience all the madness from this year? Please enjoy all of our 2017 Power Tour posts and galleries here. As for me, now's as good a time as any to lay down and take a nap. John Naderi for Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners