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Power Tour

2018 Power Tour - Day 00

Welcome to the 2018 Power Tour. There's something to be said about a journey of a thousand miles starting with a single step, and if that's the case, I've gotten off on the wrong foot. We haven't even started yet and I'm already slacking. I would have totally written this post, but I got caught up binge watching Suits (Harvey's just so dreamy!). As usual, my bestest buddy and our longest hauler of them all, Forrest Tosie has my back with today's post. Hey, Forrest, don't tell Shane you wrote this one, and um, don't let him look at the Internet for a while. I'll leave you with this pic of Charley Lillard's 953hp LS9-powered Mark Stielow-built pro touring Camaro for attention. Take it away, Forrest. One of these days, John. You’re going to learn. As usual, Shane and I decided to goof off for a couple days do some local product research in Nashville before the Power Tour started. We went by the best plater in America – Advanced Plating. Top dog, Steve Tracy was busy, but Josh Mishler was kind enough to show us around. Josh does “special projects for Advanced, so I guess my mother was right – I am special. Based on this sign, we figured it would be a VERY interesting tour (whatever you do, don't order the all-you-can-eat party platter and don't ask how I know that - john). Shane learned before some metals can be plated, they needed to be copper plated first. Josh was kind enough to explain the entire process to Jim and Shane. There are some chemicals in use that might account for why Jimmy Hoffa was never found. Jim literally was the brightest one of our group, rockin’ our new 2018 On Tour t-shirt. And they’re only $5 at the rig on the Tour. You better make sure you get one or two. Every little piece is treated with the greatest care at Advanced Plating, no matter the size. Jim thought he found a new source for wind chimes, but Josh set him straight. Those are steering columns for one of Advanced many customers. To produce a high-quality finish takes talented workers, and Steve has the best in the business. Josh mentioned many of their workers had been there for years and years (bonus points for the Johnny Cash shirt! - john). I was thrilled to see we have a small hand in the final production before parts go out the door. When you’re dealing with an expensive component like gold, every little piece is important. Here Jim gets a handful... but Josh’s keen eyes make sure his hands are empty when he’s done. Since we’re in Nashville, it only makes sense Advanced Plating helps keep the music business looking good. Oh, and speaking of music, it just so happened the CMT festival and awards were going on at the same time. Some coincidence we were there goofing off doing local product research, huh? We happened to stop in Jack’s to see if any of our products were used, but to no avail. Figured we might as well have a bite, though. It was worth it. See what you missed out on, John (more seating upstairs? - john)? Walking through the festival, Shane and Jim’s keen ears picked up a familiar voice – Olivia Ooms. She’s just 15 years old, but mark my word, she’ll be a big, big star in the next few years. Her dad Nevill is a long-time friend of us at Mothers, so it’s great to see a Huntington Beach local about to crack the big time. Come to find out, we weren’t the only HB folks listening to Olivia. Yes, that's Olivia’s own Huntington Beach fan club. Olivia made quite the impression outside, and then in The Stillery on 2nd Avenue North. We tried to get near the Chevrolet Riverfront Stage to see who was performing, but the crowd was more than we could take. It was certainly hot out doing product research, so we headed back to the Gaylord at Opryland to rest before moving our research efforts to the Grand Ole Opry. There were some great acts – I remember Charlie Pride from the late 60s – and he’s still going strong at 84 years of age. The Oak Ridge Boys brought the house down with Elvira, one of their biggest hits. Some newcomer named Blake Shelton even showed up. My daughter Pamela, who’s the biggest country fan I know, loved every minute of his performance. You really should have been there. My wife Pat, and Pamela came to Nashville just to see those folks. And you stayed at the office and worked. What dedication. (Uh, work, yes that's exactly what I was doing - john). Or, as Daffy Duck would say, “What a moroon”. Any way, I’m glad you’ll be joining us tomorrow. We’ll scope things out in Bowling Green, then head for Chattanooga early Sunday morning as the 2018 version of the Hot Rod Power Tour gets going. Try to stay awake this year – I’m driving the 1970 Chevelle 454 convertible, and I’d like a couple shots of my good side (let's be honest, Forrest, you don't have a bad side - john) as I’m cruising down the road, obeying all pertinent traffic laws. Use that special filter that makes me looking dashing, with just a hint of mischievousness. Your best bud, forrest