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Power Tour

2018 Power Tour - Day 02

Ever wake up and wonder if all of this is worthwhile? Day in and day out, where life's relentless demands can get to be too much and then Shane starts to yell, "John, you need to post a Tour blog entry!" Uh, not talking about me, only asking for a friend. But if I had one piece of advice to give my "friend," I'd say, when things are getting out of control, take a deep breath, and buy new underwear. Nothing rivals the feeling of fresh undergarments. However, today I did let something get between me and my off-brand Calvins, and that something was a most welcome detour. Don't get me wrong, I do love the Tour, and all of its delightful eccentricities, but sometimes it feels so good to get a glimpse at the upper end of the spectrum. Thanks to Jonathan Goolsby and his crew at Goolsby Customs we got that fix we so desperately needed. But first, we needed to get the day started right. For Shane, that involved a fruit cup and getting in the first of his tens of thousands of daily steps. For me, it was all about stepping out to the Starbucks next door and devouring a breakfast sandwich after my daily weigh in and before the mandatory contraband inspection (is the cavity search really necessary, Shane?). Our QX Sexy was ready to serve as our Tour support vehicle and my personal napping pod. My secret to a quality Tour nap? The resulting food coma that comes with any real breakfast sandwich. And with that we were off... until we weren't. Since the forecast called for rain, our own in-house weatherman, Forrest, thought it best to fly in the face of reason and drop his top (kids, avert your eyes). This dubious decision prompted a stop so Forrest could raise the roof, of the Chevelle, that is. Gas stops on the Tour are always fun... mainly because I can raid the Mini Mart for Muddy Buddies while Shane tops off the tank. Shane put a similar banner on my backpack. I was not amused, to which Shane replied, "What's the matter, Tubby, I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly?" My therapist is going to have field day with this one. Despite my best efforts to offer Shane no help whatsoever on the navigation front (someone has to take pics of the roadside signs), we made it into Sweet Home Alabama. Once over the state line, we went astray (basically pages one through five of my playbook). We dared deviate from the Tour route for a quick visit with Jonathan Goolsby and his crew at Goolsby Customs. Jonathan and his team have won our Mothers Shine Award in 2015 with Tim and Cici Spencer's '69 Mustang, as well as our Mothers Choice award with this '32 Roadster pick up. Goolsby is never one to paint with only one color, which is why his team is working on this WIP sixties era Bug with a 300hp 2276cc engine. This 1940 Ford is also a stunner. Goolsby plus 'Cuda plus 2,000hp Nelson Racing Engines mill equals one helluva good time. Kinda like me when I'm hopped up on Muddy Buddies, only much, much better. Then there's this, a reimagined Showroom Stock Duster with the heart of Hellcat. This build could very well be my spirit animal, since I identify with the ferocity of a jungle cat. At least that's how I feel when I complain of hunger pains and Shane tells me to suck it up and stop acting like such a pu... Alright, moving on. Even George Poteet has commissioned Goolsby to build his latest Galaxie. For some reason our crew felt compelled to test the passenger volume of Poteet's Galaxie. I just want to know what happened to Forrest's other hand. Afterward Jonathan took us to the original Bob Sykes Bar-B-Q. You should have seen how big our smiles were AFTER the meal. While not nearly as satisfying as one of Shane's bark chip bars, I did manage to suffer through the meal. Touchdown at Hoover Metropolitan Stadium. Wax Attack at the ready. It turns out yesterday wasn't Jim's birthday (just a clever ruse for free cake), but that didn't stop him from partying on the autocross today. He ran double duty in both the Shelby Terlingua Mustang and Callaway AeroWagen. He eventually clocked a 21.926 for the fastest time of the day behind the wheel of the AeroWagen. What the hell, happy birthday, Jim! Who should be more offended, Ford or Dodge owners? The team at Maverick Diesel are long hauling the Tour in this nine-second drag Ram. I just want to know where they put their luggage. Dear Corvette owners, you're welcome for this snap. Another one for the Corvette faithful. Nope, that's not creepy at all. Forrest went on stage to declare the end of the jaunty hat era, while also ushering in a new statement that no self-respecting Tourista can do without - the microfiber neckerchief. That's it for Day 03. Tomorrow we’ll go 197 miles to Georgia's Atlanta Motor Speedway. Before we get our oval action on, feel free to enjoy our gallery of pics from Day 02 here. John Naderi for Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners