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Power Tour

2018 Power Tour Introduction

Seems like only yesterday (or 2017) when we were rolling into Bowling Green, battered and bruised, but not altogether beaten, like some sort of Johnny Cash character, on the cusp of redemption, knowing full well that we were once again, Long Haulers. With all due respect to Bowling Green and the incredulous Corvette fans, who are, no doubt getting their 1953 Corvette step and repeat pattern boxers in a bunch right now, it’s about the journey, not the destination. We live that life with each and every Power Tour partly because it is such a trip, and also because our own Forrest Tosie will probably be taking us to the birthplace of the person attributed to this quote (complete with mandatory gift shop visit!). This year’s journey is our 24th. That’s right, we’ve been on every Power Tour since its inception, making us the longest of the long haulers (at least my Tour credentials are well endowed). To hear our Power Tour pioneers, Ken Holland and Forrest tell it, those first few years were filled with hardships like dial up internet connections and PT Cruiser project cars. But they persevered and that’s the beauty of the Hot Rod Power Tour. You build a car – even one as soulless as a PT Cruiser – fill it with family and friends and get out on the open road with thousands of like-minded hot rodders. Perseverance and dedication are the name of the game on Tour (and, of course sweet and savory road trip munchies). Take Gabe Felix and Amanda Strickland. Last year, they drove all the way from Yucaipa, California to join the Power Tour. But a carb fire in Denver almost ended their 2017 Tour before it began. While most (read: me) would pack it in at this point, Gabe and Amanda pressed on, long hauling the entire route before truckin’ back to Yucaipa. Then there was our man, Karl Schultz and his ’68 M715 Jeep with a military box bed conversion. He went all the way last year with only one indulgence - caramel macchiato frappuccinos, with extra whip (okay, maybe that’s my order, but only because they’re so irresistible). These are the stories we like to tell on Tour (except maybe the part about my fondness for the frap), because it's all about the owners and their rides. Speaking of rides, this year we're taking the Griswold Family Truckster theme to another level with this 757hp Callaway AeroWagen. And our Shelby Terlingua Mustang. We may even have a cameo in the form of a '70 Chevelle convertible with a 454. Of course, my "man main," my PIC, my WCW (whoa, man crush Wednesday), my Muddy Buddy and my BFF, Shane Christman will be in charge of shuttling me across 1261.8 miles of Power Tour routes while navigating and supplying all the healthy snacks I can throw out the window when he's not looking. I can't wait to experience the sights and sounds of the Tour from the heated and cooled seats of the Shaneburban rental... in between naps, obvi. Guess who else is back? Both Thing One and Thing Two, part Yertle the Turtle and all knowing, the one and only Forrest Tosie is keeping his Tour streak alive. If you're lucky, he might even pen a guest post again this year, saving you from any more of my pithy dad jokes. Like what, you say? Well, I did have a dream that I was a muffler last night. I woke up exhausted. Forrest, please take this blog away from me before I hurt someone. While I do as little as possible on Tour, Jim Holloway, Jonathan Stone, and our Big Rig crew do pretty much everything else with daily car care demos, official Mothers Power Tour shirt sales, giveaways and much more. Consider them the formidable substance to my pointless hype. Do you think you have what it takes to long haul with us on this year's Hot Rod Power Tour? And more importantly, does Shane have what it takes to put up with me for six days straight on the road? Let's be honest here, ain't nobody got time for that. Here's hoping we see you on Tour!

John Naderi

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