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Power Tour

2019 Power Tour – Day 03

Welcome to Day 3 of the Hot Rod Power Tour with Mothers. We're only a few days into the 2019 edition and I can report that things are already starting to get out of hand, and I like it (excuse me for wanting a little magic in my life). Let me just say that the Fairfield Inn in Abington, Virginia puts on one helluva show. Or, so I've heard. Apparently, my room was on the wrong side (story of my life), depending on your point of view, because some overly amorous cows showed the entire north side of building exactly why Virginia is for lovers. I can't say for sure, but I don't believe Steen has had, "the talk" with his son Hunter yet. The sight of our friendly cows, um, checking the oil, may have frightened Hunter to the point where he tried to pack up his little Dora the Explorer tacticool knapsack and run away from home. Sadly, he couldn't run far without any socks. What's the point of this story? Nothing. Nothing at all. I just felt like embarrassing Hunter. Okay, job done. This sparks so much joy. Hot Rod Magazine's Jacob Ross Davis drove his LS-swapped '67 El Camino all the way from Southern California's Petersen Automotive Museum (the kick off point of the very first Power Tour 25 years ago). He's endured many hardships along the way including a self-inflicted spider gear disintegration (burnout carnage), but now, it appears he's back on Tour. Now that it's running again, this calls for more burnouts. Our friend Keith Echols brought his Pratt & Miller-built '73 Camaro with a 630hp supercharged 6.2L LSA and Detroit Speed and QA1 Pro Touring bits underneath. It's quite simply, finished to a high degree of excellence. Much like Keith himself. Trust me when I tell you that he looks like this each and every day on Tour. Seriously, who has hats, and, at times, shoes that match his Mothers shirts?! Meanwhile I have to be reminded to zip up my pants each day, or on occasion actually, wear them in the first place. Today was the longest of the Tour, taking us 293 miles, from Bristol, Tennessee to Sparta, Kentucky's not-so ironically named Kentucky Speedway. Our friends, Joe Hendershott and his son, Carson joined us again on Tour. This year, our favorite Canadians brought this supercharged third gen Camaro. Joe's been celebrating his visit down from America's Hat by marking his territory every chance he gets. Hate to break it to you, Joe, but that's not how a land claim works. I realize that it's just a fortunate point of perspective, but I would totally patronize a Waffle Shell. Look at this, it's a wild Joe Hendershott spotted actually using the facilities. Thanks for not make ALL of America your toilet, Joe! First, we deny Jim his Sous Vide Eggs, then we force him to consume gas station coffee, instead of Starbuck's. The struggle is, oh-so real. I'd make a VA Creeper joke here, but I stand outside gas station restrooms and take pictures of people, so I'll just leave it alone. Are you from Tennessee, because you're been running through my mind all night. Forrest, need a dad joke assist, STAT! Seeing this CJ on Tour was remarkable... But not nearly as remarkable as it was to see our favorite Grumpy Welder blasting up I-75. I can't say for sure, but I'm relatively optimistic that Joe has not peed in any of these pools. Yet. We finally made it to Kentucky Speedway to a packed house, although everyone in the stands appeared to be wearing one of three similarly-colored shirts. I asked Forrest to park our Super Happy Terrific rental Burban here, so I could know how it feels to be winner, just once. The golf cart was way faster than expected on the autocross course. Dodge Coronet Power Tour Patroller with the ultimate police interceptor package. In the shape of an honest-to-goodness Hellcat swap. Broken Vets in broken Vettes. You may think you're cool, but you're not chilling in a lawn chair next to your sweet Duster 360 cool. Because mud flaps are overrated. The owner tells me this rolled off the assembly line as an '86 Mustang. Now it's a post-apocalyptic exo jam. Works for me. Do it for Dale. And, yet, don't be so Petty. This is essentially a Challenger motor in a Challenger. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. Plan B. The sign reads, "Best I could do!!!" I say the same thing to my boss on the regular. There will be no pictures of Forrest on stage today. I do that only to save him from the embarrassment, and potential harassment charges that might result from pictures with Precious. This is because, she is finally assembled, like the Power Rangers. Consider it a bullet dodged, Forrest. You'll thank me later. Or you'll do this (insert face palm emote here). Bonus points for Forrest's accomplice, our own Jonathan Stone for strategically holding Precious' coconuts in order to maintain her dignity, while simultaneously sacrificing his own. Tomorrow we’re going 213 miles to Lucas Oil Raceway. In the meantime, please enjoy our gallery of pics from Day 03 here. John Naderi for Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners