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Power Tour

2019 Power Tour - Day 04

Today we kicked off Day 4 from a real deal casino. And yet, I didn't go near the tables at the Belterra Casino Resort, mainly because I already play fast and loose with my blood pressure, love life (and life choices), and my kids' college funds (just kidding, still no college funds). Our Day 4 Mothers on Tour party posse swelled to larger numbers, much like my waistband, my mountain of crushing debt, and that growth on my back (note to self: get that sucker checked out). Let's see what our heroes are up to, shall we? Today, we went 213 miles from Kentucky Speedway to Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis. Because of the mileage, Brian Thomson wanted to ensure he could go the distance. But Brian, what's your wife Janet going to eat? Suddenly, Joe Hendershott saw a bush in the United States that he did not yet wee on. While Jim explains the health benefits of Starbuck's Sous Vide Eggs, all Keith wanted was to swap shirts so he could better match his cool guy visor. No matter, he still looks better than me on my best day. That's not true, I've never had a best day. Hey look, it's Hot Rod's David Freiburger. He and his Road Kill co-conspirator, Mike Finnegan have been using the Power Tour as their own personal swap meet as part of a special show. I believe they started the day with an 87 Fiero with no doors. However will they trade up from that score? Looks like Frieburger's already trying a little horse trading with this poor, unsuspecting Willys owner. Not sure that door will fit on a Fiero though. You see these donuts? These donuts are a metaphor for my relationship with this man. Forrest Eugene Tosie is the Yin to my Yang, the ebony to my ivory, the salt to my pepper. He puts the Power in my Tour, even as he asks me to put the lotion in the basket. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for this man, except perhaps, share my donuts, which is why I ate both of them. Once on the road, nothing was gonna stop us from making it to Indy! Nothing that is, except for a one-lane bridge, which, as Forrest would say, is about as useful as a one-legged man in a tushie kicking contest. Hey, he refuses to go blue, and I for one, respect the hell out of him for taking that effing stand. Today's route found us on highways... Byways... And even waterways. Our friends Guy and Leatha Thurman joined us today. Their sweet 55 Bel Air was treated to a new 505hp LS3 with 4L80E box and a Moser nine-inch out back among other upgrades courtesy of our friend, Steen. It's so nice to see something that performs as well as it looks - none of the qualities I possess. "Look at these roads!" Something Forrest probably said to me, as he was driving AND shooting pictures while I enjoyed a post-donut binge coma. Fortunately, I woke up just in time for lunch. We landed at Larrison's Diner in Seymour, Indiana, which is also the birthplace of John Mellencamp. Uh, the town, not the diner. Finally made it to Lucas Oil Raceway and just look at the meats on this Chevelle. As usual, the Mothers Big Rig was set up and ready to receive thousands of rabid Power Tourists. It's an impressive operation requiring an advance team to cannonball ahead of each leg of the Tour. And this is that team. These guys are more often on the road than not and the job requires them to be car care experts, product specialists, and event producers. Every year, I watch in awe as they move seamlessly from product demos, technical questions and much more. For this, I salute them with the last donut I've been hiding from Forrest. If you see this super squad on Tour, please thank them for making all this happen. From left, we have: Andrew Burgoyne; Russel Loggins; Justin Richardson; James Perry; Greg Nigh; Cameron Johnson; Peter DiCandia; Jonathan Stone. While Keith prepped his Camaro for its Indy appearance... Forrest did the same with his little Precious. Not entirely sure, but I do believe she comes with a USB charger. In an attempt to regain some sort of family-friendly rating on this post, please allow me this most unfortunate transition with a couple of our younger fans. Okay, moving on! One of the biggest reasons we love coming to Lucas Oil Raceway is the drag racing. Just look at this Camaro on Camaro violence. Our own Jim Holloway even ran our Mother's ZR1 down the strip. As did our friend, Charley Lillard in his 65 Riviera. Charley went 12.62 @ 120.3mph in his LS9-infused Buick. That's one swift Rivi. This Mustang owner's gonna have some explaining to do. There was plenty to see off track too. This Eagle SX/4 is magnificent. While this third gen is a rolling Van Halen album. \ There is so much America going on in this image. Don Chamberlin calls his 34 a "High Speed Med Machine." That's a 454 with not one, but two 671 blowers?! Tag reads, "LAY WOOD." Don't mind if I do. This one started out as a 1940 International Dump Truck and now it sits on an 87 Chevy S-10 frame with a 350 Chevy small block. Jeremy Dallas Seacat from Gas City, Indiana completed his International Love Affair in only three weeks. Three weeks?! It'd take me longer than that to mount the umbrella to the trailer. In the eighties I was taking my BMX bike off some sweet jumps and apparently, this Power Tourer was building hot rods. I'm not even sure what this is, but one thing I do know - it's amazing. This 70 Cuda 340 is slathered in a very rare color called Moulin Rouge or FM3. This resto is one of what is believed to be less than 100. One of 100? Psssh, I'm one of a kind. Check the mirror placement. Here's why. Mid-mounted engine! Loved this 68 GTO with BDS blower and side pipes. Noooooo! Looks like this Mustang had a mishap on Tour. The infamous Garfield shop truck built by Aaron and Emily Reeves from Flying Sparks Garage. Oh Hai, Emily. I promise, I'm not creepy, I'm just over here taking pictures of you with a telephoto lens without your consent. Hmm, that came out wrong. Not all heroes wear capes, but if some of them did, they'd be made of polyester. "Trust me, it will be so cute!" - girl. "Okay, I'll do it." - no guy ever. I'm sorry, that should read, "- one guy ever." Think someone's been to this dance before. Jeff says, "Hey look, it's time for another edition of The Many Faces of Forrest." This is the face of a man who didn't get his morning donut. "Rectum. Damn near killed him." "And that is how you can drive in the carpool lane." Mocking me with embarrassing pics in the blog? Real funny, Forrest. That's it, I'm eating your donut in the morning. Tomorrow we’re going 204 miles to Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In the meantime, please enjoy our gallery of pics from Day 04 here. John Naderi for Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners