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Power Tour

2019 Power Tour Introduction

I’ve never been accused of knowing too much, but I do know one thing for sure. There are a few special days that are universally exciting. Christmas Day, the last day of school before summer, the day the authorities remove the house arrest ankle bracelet (hear me out, it was a crime of passion), and the first day of the Hot Rod Power Tour.

For us, the countdown to the start of the Tour begins the moment we finish the Tour. Yup, our countdown clock is about 359 days strong and we’re just about done with it. Another thing I know, is there are sure to be some constants on our Tour experience.

For starters, we'll be bringing some very special cars to enjoy some epic drives.

And we can guarantee that we'll do each and every single mile.

Rain or shine.

Each stop will feature our complete Big Rig set up, with our Tour cars on display, product demos, our latest and greatest Mothers car care products to keep your Tour rides looking their finest, and our crew of car care experts on hand to answer your questions. It's a massive effort...

...all made possible by our own Jonathan Stone and his hard-working - and corn cobbling - Big Rig crew.

Our own Jumping Jim Holloway will be back, and when he's not jumping for joy...

...he'll be doing a little of this...

...and a lot of this. Take it easy on those tires, Jim, the Tour's a marathon, not a sprint.

Our own Forrest Tosie will be back for his 25th Power Tour. For the record, this will also be the 25th Power Tour ever. Yup, he's been on pretty much every single leg in the history of this beast. I believe Forrest is telling us he's, "with Stupid," in this pic. And because I'm stupid, I wandered away from his right side just before this snap. I'm sure I had a good excuse, like a shiny object, or the offer of tasty gas station snacks.

Of course, Forrest will be back on the main stage for his daily weather prognostications and feats of pointless trivia. I'm sorry, that was rude. Forrest's trivia is absolutely not pointless... to him, and perhaps every Jeopardy champion ever.

It's a good thing Forrest does the daily weather forecast on Tour each year, because he always seems to know exactly what to wear for the conditions.

And while Forrest may have his fashion game on lock, he's oftentimes not sure of what to do with his hands.

Guess who else will be back on Tour? That's right, the hardest working guy, our own Shane Christman. He'll make sure our Tour coverage will go off without a hitch, while making sure to wake me up so I don't miss any tasty lunch breaks.

Although I am a bit sad, since Shane found Jesus, or his Whole30 diet, or whatever it is that prevents him from being my Muddy Buddy and shameless gas station snack co-conspirator, I'm forced to shame eat alone. You know what that means, more Muddy Buddies for me!

Okay, Shane's reluctance to pigging out notwithstanding, on the Power Tour, we do still hold some truths to be self-evident.

It will be huge.

We'll have a lot of fun on the road.

And some fun on the roads of Mexico (that's our story and we're sticking to it).

Our Big Rig display will be awesome!

The cars will be awesome too.

And we're sure to meet some awesome people along the way. People like Gabe Felix and Amanda Strickland who didn't let a massive engine fire put an end to their Power Tour.

Along the way, we won't let the weather get us down.

Nor any mechanical challenges.

But one thing's for sure, we're going to have fun. Just look at what a great time our friend, Keith Echols is having.

Are you game to go all the way with us this year? Here's hoping we see you on the road!

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