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Wheel & Tire

No surface on your vehicle takes more abuse than your tires and wheels. Rain, dirt, road salt, brake dust, extreme heat, freezing cold — the spot where “the rubber meets the road” is not a forgiving place. Keep your wheels looking great with Mothers® premium wheel and tire care products.

While it may be easy to overlook those four patches of rubber beneath you, the wheels can greatly impact the appearance of your vehicle. So when they’re scuffed up, rusted, covered in dust and downright neglected, you can bet on them making your entire car look like a serious eye sore, regardless of the brand.
Keeping your vehicle in good condition means taking care of all the essential components, including the wheels and tires. Wheels that are well maintained and cleaned regularly will enhance the look of the vehicle tenfold, turn heads when you’re out on the road, and keep you safe when driving. With consistent tire maintenance, cleaning becomes easier to do since there’s less accumulation of dirt and grime to deal with.
Caring for your wheels and tires involves removing the dirt and contaminants, polishing them, and then adding some additional protection to enhance durability against the harsh road conditions that they’ll encounter. But proper wheel maintenance all comes down to using the right products that can eliminate stubborn dirt while protecting them against damage and oxidation at the same time. If you use the wrong type of product made from subpar quality, it can actually do more harm than good by oxidizing the finish and damaging the rims permanently.
With our premium, professional grade wheel and tire product line, you can rest assured that you’re giving the tires the best care possible. We carry everything you need to keep them in pristine condition for each and every season. Whether you’re dealing with stainless steel, brass or other alloys, our products are designed to be strong enough to handle the most stubborn grime, yet gentle enough to prevent damage.
Get a deep, thorough and mirror-like shine in no time with our complete selection. From rim cleaner to wheel cleaner to tire cleaner – we have you covered for all of your automotive cleaning needs. For those diehard car lovers who want the ultimate clean, we even carry the specialized Powercone and Powerballs for polishing those deep-dish wheels and getting into any tricky crevices that are usually a pain to reach.
Give your tires the love and attention they deserve with industry-proven protection, durability, and shine that will make your wheels look blacker, glossier and ready to take on any road conditions with style.

Tire & Wheel

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PRODUCTS / Wheel & Tire

Product No: 05143

PowerBall 2®

Product No: 05120

Ultimate Mag & Aluminum Polish

Product No: 05112

California Gold® Metal Polish

Product No: 06816

Concours Satin Tire Dressing

Product No: 05824

Pro-Strength Chrome Wheel Cleaner 24 oz.

Product No: 05102

Mag & Aluminum Polish Gallon

Product No: 05902

Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner Gallon

Product No: 06002

Polished Aluminum Wheel Cleaner Gallon

Product No: 05802

Pro-Strength Chrome Wheel Cleaner Gallon

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PowerCone® 360

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Personalize your Mothers® product experience

Search by product line or application to find the perfect Mothers® products for your vehicle.