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Motorsport Product

Dear Enthusiast:

Thank you for your interest in Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners. We have made considerable changes to our Motorsport Product Sponsorship Program, so please review all materials even if you have participated in the past.

We encourage participation of motorsport teams in our sponsorship program, and we look forward to assisting those that show enthusiasm and promise for positive recognition. We are excited to hear about your past activities and your future plans. Those accepted into our product sponsorship program should plan to submit updates as the year progresses and at the year-end. Participants who show proof of activity and gain notoriety and publicity in a positive manner will be most likely to be renewed for the following year. In appreciation, we will supply you with the quality products you need to help keep your high-profile vehicles looking their best as you engage in various activities throughout the year.

On the next page is a list of responsibilities of sponsorship to help explain what will be required of those who are selected. If you feel you will not be able fulfill these obligations, please do not apply. We request that ONLY ONE representative from the team apply. If you fail to meet the terms specified in the agreement, your proposal will be denied.

Your proposal should include all of the items from the following checklist:

  1. Product Sponsorship Contact Information Form
    (printed duplicate of completed online form to follow)
  2. Proposal in a binder or folder, in any format you wish, but it should include:
    • Cover letter with a description of your achievements and your goals
    • Supporting documentation, including a list of special features on the vehicle(s)
    • Supporting print photography (mounted or printed on 8.5" x 11" paper)
    • Brief list of events attended during the past year
    • Brief list of events on your calendar for the coming year
    • Brief list of media coverage
    • Other information that may assist in our decision to provide a product sponsorship
  3. Submit your proposal and supporting materials listed above to:
Mothers® Polish 
Sponsorship Department
5456 Industrial Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1519

Responsibilities /
Motorsport Sponsorship

Mothers® Polish encourages sponsored parties to embrace positive ideals and images, in addition to performing the following responsibilities of sponsorship:

Positive Representation of Mothers®

  • All sponsored parties should represent Mothers® in a positive manner, and act professionally and with consideration of others at all times.

Use of Mothers® Products

  • Products should not be sold, traded or used for any type of commerce.
  • All supplied products are intended for use by sponsored party.
  • Whenever possible, use only products provided by Mothers®.

Product Endorsement & Promotion

  • Products should not be sold, traded or used for any type of commerce.
  • All supplied products are intended for use by sponsored party.
  • Whenever possible, use only products provided by Mothers®.

Mothers® Decal Requirements

  • All cars must apply one (1) Mothers® decal kit on each race vehicle which must be properly displayed according to the "Mothers® Decal Application Guide".
  • The decal kit will consist of two (2) traditional Mothers® decals, one for each side of the vehicle, as well as two (2) of our NEW Mothers® Race Face decals (available in red or white). The Mothers® Race Face decal can be placed on any visible place on the vehicle, but one on each of the mirrors would definitely be a head turner.
  • Display of the Mothers® logo shall be visible on any applicable transport vehicle in at least two prominent positions visible from either side. The size of the decal will be at the discretion of each individual team pertaining to the size of the transport vehicle(s), equipment trailer(s), etc.
  • If applicable, the Mothers® logo or name should also be made visible:
        -   on a story board; or
        -   on a temporary dashboard-top display; or
        -   any other means approved in writing

Once accepted for sponsorship, Mothers® decals will be available to order online. If you would like, you can request our electronic graphic file known as Encapsulated PostScript file (.EPS) to create your own graphics to accommodate a certain color scheme, size, etc. NOTE – ALL self-generated logo usage MUST be approved by Mothers® prior to use.

Activity Updates

  • Periodic updates (i.e. quarterly) are recommended throughout the sponsorship term to aid Mothers® in their decision making process for future terms.
  • A summary of promotional activities should be accompanied by supporting photography or print materials in an update packet at the year end; this packet will be the basis for renewing your sponsorship for another term.

Permission to Use Images of Sponsored Parties

  • As a sponsored party, you give permission to Mothers® to the use of any image of the sponsored person(s) and/or vehicle(s).

Exceptions & Termination

  • Mothers® Polish reserves the right to terminate the sponsorship agreement at any time
  • Exceptions from the above must be requested in writing and are subject to approval.
If you do not agree, please close this window.


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